Fukushima NO ALICE

Fukushima NO ALICE is a project to archive present tense landscapes of Fukushima prefecture, Japan with the presence of a Japanese Lolita girl as Alice, a fictional character from Lewis Carrol’s “Alice’s Adventures in the Wonderland”. With her existence in each photography, we are no longer certain if the current situation in Fukushima is real or just a bad dream. From radiological contamination by the the explosions of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant to various blows from unfounded rumors induced, Fukushima NO ALICE aims to visually surface and re-evaluate critical issues as such through the eyes of Alice. FUKUSHIMA is such a generalized or stereotyped term for such large areas of land spread from East to West. As of 2015 the lives of Aizu in the West seems normal as before the incident, where Namie and Futaba in the East are set no man’s land for at least for few decades.


This is a statement about FUKUSHIMA where it became one of the most famous places on the earth. Our Alice, the Lolita girl, was a Fukushima University student at the time of the 311 disaster in 2011 and I have a Samurai ancestry in Fukushima. We are returning to give a shot to provoke international attention to re-evaluate the way we see Fukushima. 


Daisuke Takeya

A good day in September, 2015


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