Field Trip Project is a mobile/ participatory/ interactive art exhibition installed within Japanese elementary school backpacks. Traveling to various locations, it connects people and bridges communities. Remote from the white cubes of art galleries and museums, literally everywhere is its venue; from an empty field in the disaster-affected areas to shopping streets and residential neighbourhoods. Every interaction with the project becomes a memory towards the future.

At the end of the school year in March 2012, a number of unused relief supplies gathered in gymnasium of Onagawa Daiichi Junior High School were scheduled to be either shipped to developing countries or treated as waste. Toronto based visual artist Daisuke Takeya with Chie Kajiwara, an Onagawa based art teacher, suggested an alternative use for the Japanese elementary school backpacks among the surplus. A large number of these backpacks were entrusted to them, and a set of thirty five were sent to Canada to be transformed by passionate Canadian contemporary artists into a mobile art exhibition. They were then sent back to Onagawa again and re-used to empower people through communication with art. Since August 2013, additional thirty five backpack artworks by Japanese contemporary artists have joined the project. With the total of seventy artworks, the project has traveled to a variety of cities and inspired ideas towards the recovery. It also focuses on community issues at each destination, and will investigate what makes vibrant and sustainable communities.

The project is scheduled to travel in Canada in 2014, starting at the Cambridge Galleries Design at Riverdale in late February.


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Participating artists: Canada


Participating artists: Japan

Yusuke Asai
Tomoko Inagaki
Ichiro Endo
Yoshiaki Kaihatsu
Masamitsu Katsu
Akitaka Kamijo
Parco Kinoshita
Takayoshi Kitagawa
Chie Koda
Tomoko Konoike
Kiyoko Sakata
Risa Sato
Michiari Saito
Izumi Sakamoto
Yoshiko Shimada
Kyoco Taniyama
Michiko Tsuda
Noboru Tsubaki
Kengo Nakamura
Keijiro Niino
Norio Nishihara
Miwako Hashimoto
Kae Higuchi
Atsushi Fukunaga
Hiroko Masuko
Hiroyiuki Matsukage
Junko Maruyama
Chiharu Mizukawa
Takahide Mizuuchi
Kensuke Miyazaki
Satoshi Murakami
Takashi Murakami
Koichi Watanabe/ Fukushima University