Indoor playground

Indoor playground.

First time without guardians,
innocent smiles, crumbled teeth, a baby
is reluctant to talk to.


Freezing in this playground.

More kids coming through a secured door,
supervisors chatting over coffee and donuts, a tiny
is a distressed starving stomach.


This is your playground.

Everyone knows each other,
tattooed brats, dread locks, a puerile infant
is scared to be within reach.


Not classified as any other grounds.

Halloween jamboree this year has not yet past,
embraces … Fausts, kisses on scabs, orange attire
hip-hop live where music forbidden.
Wildlife reserve, overly amusing for, a kiddie


don’t play here!


Rewarded the unlimited recess,
a few decades in every hour, all day
on a concrete bench, solitary remains

How soon to eject?




XXX plus lines, a full length fiction.
Leaving the cage, home or slammer?




A dismissed novice, -15 degrees
wind chill, righteous in the open.


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