Nuit Blanche ’07- ELY2 short doc

Directed by M. J. DI ROCCO (film maker/ ASHITA)

This short doc displays the first one hour footage of “Everybody Loves You 2,” Nuit Blanche in 2007 in Toronto(Zone B: curated by Michelle Jacques). Music by Don Matsuo, the frontman for Tokyo rock ‘n’ roll stalwarts Zoobombs.

The evening started with a video loop, a projection of people saying “Daisuke,” the artist’s name. Many, however, mispronounced it as “Daisuki,” which means I like you very much or I love you very much … the artist’s experience hearing his name being mispronounced repetitively inspired the project. The audience were also invited to say three magic words, “I Love You,” inside the gigantic heart shaped sculpture, and later the video recordings were projected behind the sculpture. Over 1,000 audience queued to record their versions of I love you, and it caused a computer crush … over 900 talking heads had been recorded. Thanks to all participated!!

The project has also been exhibited at Toronto’s Xpace Cultural Centre in 2010, and the newest evolution of the project was showcased at Water street store fronts in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador in 2011.