Le Petite Canadian Art Collection launched!!!

Posted by daisuke - April 13, 2012 - Uncategorized - No Comments

I sort of started collecting Canadian art. It is paralleled to my creative process of art making … Artist actually spending money to buy art created by other artists: What more can you do to support art industry in Canada?

I remember buying 2 works of Marcel Dzama at Olga Korper Gallery in 2001. They were my first Canadian art collections. He had his first solo show in Toronto and also was on the cover of NOW Magazine. I had my Canadian solo debut show at Christopher Cutts Gallery at the same time … Olga Korper and Christopher Cutts sit on the same gallery complex on Morrow Avenue. As a matter of fact our invitation card was printed on the same matrix by the same printer. His show was sold out and mine wasn’t. But when I see the proof nicely framed and hung in my apartment, my work is no lesser to Dzama’s. Having critical works by artists I like inspires and motivates me!

For now I call the collection, “Le Petite Canadian Art Collection” = because it is a modest collection of small scale artworks (and a deli in my building is called Le Petite Gourmet!!). Whimsy collection it is for now. Let’s see how it grows:)